Nope, I don’t do FB on my spare time, I tweet instead…;)

and read….

so, guys…I had finished reading Anne of Green Gables by Lucy M Montgomery

anne gren gablesI found the book (like its tv series) , very entertaining…

Come to my imagination the talk active, relentless student  is around. Like I told you, the book told Anne’s experience during her teen’s life, happy, silly, colorful and the same time. As a bright student, she was granted the scholarship to pursue her further study but far from Green Gables. Unfortunately, Mathew died and Marilla almost lost her sight.  Still, Marilla insist her to accept the scholarship and she’d stay alone.  Ambitious as she is, Anne change her ambition…

now the second book… One year off leaving it all behind by David Elliot  Cohen.

Reviewed in Tamasya Magazine over a year ago, I’ve been one year offsearching this book all over the world (and no, I’m not “lebay”…I mean it). Luckly, I found this book through, signed in for Paypall acount and there it was delivered right in front of my door step. New and hard cover book!   It’s a true story conducted 13 years ago, when David Cohen gave up his (material) things and start a family (consist of their 8,7 and 2 year old children) journey zig-zagging  this globe.  From Costarica to Luang Prabang, from the rainy and cold days in European country and week later deal with the heat in Botswana! From the hustle and bustle in Mumbai India to the serene, sandy beach in Australia.

I don’t want this book to end, my heart ponded, waiting for what surprise or obstacle this family might face everytime they arrived in new places. If you do travelling with your children  every now and then, you’ll probably find the similarity between Cohen’s children and yours *just like I did*.

I got some tips to minimize the crankiness whilst travelling. You gotta to know when to laid back but still being cautious. 🙂

My favorite parts of this book are :

1. When Kara- their almost 9 year old daughter at that time- asked her father, why  an old lady they met in Pinacoteca Nazionale (an art galery in Siena, Italy) seemed upset when she learned that Cohen’s offspring don’t practice Christian religously.  David explain to Kara “People all over the world fight wars just because they don’t worship God in the same way”

“that’s stupid” replied Kara.  And as conclusion David figured…” If could teach my children only one or two basic principles, tolerance would be one of them”

2. At their stop in Luang Prabang, about time to return to their home in California, they visited a cave, a very dark cave. As they walked further, the darker the cave is, so David lit a match to see its surrounding  including find the way out. So he had to be wise, liting his matches  as they were limited. David figured life was like lit a match. To learned that we only have one pack of matches, to understand that we have to be in the best possible place when we light each one. To know that we must make each brief combustion a bright, shining moment that pierces the darkness and illuminates a thousand gods.

PS : What i learned from this book…I just now Khmer Merah (Communist Party in cambodia ) is Khemer Rouge in English , so…what is “rouge ” in Bahasa lndonesia actually? 🙂 Well, Mr Cohen, if you happen to read this entry, we already had “Red” for ” Merah”  🙂

2nd PS : bow, bawa buku hardcover buat dibaca di kereta is not a good idea.Ribetttss….*secara kereta suka penuh gitu dhe, berdiri pula*

4 thoughts on “Nope, I don’t do FB on my spare time, I tweet instead…;)

  1. curious about “One Year Off”, it seems an interesting book,
    btw as far as I know ‘rouge’ in France means red, perhaps because Cambodia once ruled by France, they’re familiar with France words instead of english.

    –> oh, it’s that so…:)). Yang gw tau ‘rouge’ warna lipstik gue :))

  2. judulnya negasin kalau loe lebih senang tweet-an 😀
    nyaris aja gw tertipu dengan tuh judul…hehehehe

    Ky, loe tega yah, masa tiap kesini gw musti bolak-balik baca kamus.
    Tapi ngak apa-apa Ky, loe jago english karena hasil keringat sendiri kan ? :p

    ==> maksudnya apa niy pertanyaan terakhir? Hahhahahah. Abis bukunya bahasa enggres sehhh…

  3. Haduh bahasa inggris, males bacanya, hehehe… I don’t read anything in english except when the books are related to my job. Anyway, I don’t do FB too, menyebalkan sekali disana itu! Dan lama-lama twitter jg menyebalkan! Cuma ada satu oknum yg menyebalkan, tp dgn sukses dia membuat aku sampe pgn berhenti tweeting :((

    ==> Hadehhhh…ada yang curcol…:))

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