little thing could be so beautiful


On my last trip, I was with a colleague namely Luthfi. I remember one of our conversation during take off and saw how Jakarta so covered thickly with smoke.
(Both of us love sitting by the window when it comes to flying, take pictures of anything interesting. Even my friend became upset when he found out that his window seat is taken by ignorant passenger who doesn’t pay a little attention of seat numbers )
He said Jakarta’s night sky is so boring and he hardly see the twinkle little stars. He didn’t grew up in this capital city. Lying down on the porch or sitting on a bench during pulang kampung or elsewhere but Jakarta, staring at the night sky became his self indulgence. He still able staring at the twinkle little stars.
When I tug the  kiddos to bed, I look through the window and I admit yep..the Jakarta – Tanggerang’s night sky surely look boring at night.
well, I did see bright full moon hanging on the sky firmly every now and then, and it’s lovely. But still I wonder, will my kiddos experience “meteor” or we called it “Bintang Jatuh” from our porch?  Things I occasionally saw when I was a child.
I think the dark sky- bathing with twinkle litlle stars – the kind of scenery that drew on children book stories – surely beautiful.

I admit, sometimes I forgot little things could be so beautiful.

PS :  I know picture and text aren’t related :p. Pic taken in Lake Toba, Nov 25th 2007.


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