a so called business trip (and pulang kampong…) ^_^


I was crap-ing all the way, forget things could change in a snap!
I was flying on August the 13th, and in my surprise when I got to the office, I’d to fly again on the 20th for a business trip to Duri, Riau. obviously, it isn’t my first trip to the mining area.

Flying with GA 170 at 6.30 am and  arrived an hour and half later.
Went to Rumbai Camp, place where I was born and live there the next 6 years. Then we visited some drilling sites on the way from Rumbai to Duri.

This so called county has a special part in my life, where I spent the last quarter there in the year 2000, more over my grandma died and burried there. If only the trip was held 2 years ago…snif snif.

I didn’t “visit” her, no extended family could take me to her grave in the next morning, but  I was happy to visit them, my auntie, cousins (and spouse and  kiddos) who I barely see, a- (approx) 60 min-(extended) family reunion-  surely isn’t enough.

in short:

paling enak emang  “pulang kampung”  atas biaya dinas 😀

agreeeeee???? 😉

10 thoughts on “a so called business trip (and pulang kampong…) ^_^

    • @dhouws : ngga siy, was born in Rumbai, tapi besar di jakarta. Seperti tulisan diatas, sempat “tinggal” lagi di duri 🙂
      extended family banyak yang tinggal disana juga…so I call it pulang kampung lah 😀 *lewatin RUmbai juga tohhhh…*

      anyway, tku for visit, sayang ngga ada link-nya

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