Wisata Kuliner : Kedai Tiga Nyonya

Today is my second attempt dining in Kedai Tiga NYonya at Tebet Indah Square.
It is located in Jl.MT Haryono and serves Chinese Peranakan Food.
I didn’t took any picture on my first visit, so I decided to postpone this entry. :p
The restaurant created old timer interior,bring us back ehmmm to 50 years ago I guess.The vintage tiles,the old console, an empty bird cage some decors like miniatures of Sepeda Onthel and becak was placed on the cupboard and I remember I saw a set of Congklak toys. :)
On our first attempt, we ordered Asam-asam iga , Ayam Siao (For me it tastes like the usual Ayam Kecap Mentega), and Jamur Goreng with Pineaple Sauce.Together with 4 glasses of Teh Manis, 3 Krupuk Putih and Nasi PUtih for 4, it cost us Rp 214.500 in total. For us, Asam asam Iga is a must try. Beef bone cook in a hot pot dipped in its stock, tamarind, chillies, belimbing wuluh.NYam….!
We had a short time in our first visit, so we decided to give another try today! On our second visit, we ordered Kepala Kakap Asam Manis, Jamur Goreng Sauce 3 Ny (again,,,means?: p), ,Salad Tuna Tiga Nyonya, (saute tuna fish with daun kemangi and honje/ginger torch). Salad Tuna tastes great for me and Paulina and Sate Sapi.
Do try Kepala Kakap Asam Manis, (I think) it has the same herbs they pour in Asam-asam Iga! it is  slightly expensive though, (Rp 95.000/serve for up to 5 people) but believe me…you won’t regret if you’re a fish lover :)).
Man, my mouth is watering again when I write this. :D
Together with 2 glass of Es Kopyor Duren (cost Rp 35.000/serve), two glasses of hot tea, a cup of Es Kacang Merah it cost RP 363.3000! It worth to try on spesial occasion

My less favorite from this restaurant is:to make the cleaning practice and easier, they use greasy white paper for table cloth. It isn’t eco friendly. Hope they will came up with eco-friendly table cloth as I love its food. :)

8 thoughts on “Wisata Kuliner : Kedai Tiga Nyonya

  1. I came across your blog and enjoyed reading the post very much. Perhaps I should also visit Kedai Tiga Nyonya some day. Thanks for sharing the story.

  2. @ mbak anne : satu suara kita, tapi kalo tiap hari makan disini bokek yam..:D

    @ Dilla:you should give it a try! You won’t regret.

    @ riana: Paulina(my colleague who dine with me in KTN) said the sama too…jadi pengen nyoba. :)

  3. kikyyyyyyy…..kenapa postingan tentang kulinernya pake enggris……?? hiks…hikss….dengan enggris gue yang parah abis….setengah mateee gue brusaha terjemahin…..yg langsung ngarti cuma 214.500 doang….hahahaaa… :-D

    ngileeeeeerr ama asem-asem iga nya…..langsung lapeeer….duh salah masuk sini jadual makan malem udah lewat….musti nahan ampe besok pagi dah….hihihiii….

    ==> ada request dari blogger negeri seberang gue sekalian meyukseskan visit indonesia year halah…:)) baca yang ditebelin item aja…in short semua enak bow…

  4. I’ve been there! Just next to my mom’s house. Here’s my review
    “Kedai Tiga Nyonya (jl MT Haryono no 8 Tebet, TIS square). Mengklaim menyajikan menu turun menurun masakan peranakan Indonesia. Rasa makanannya memang enak, tapi menurut saya agak2 mahal deh. Dekorasinya style jaman belanda. Contoh harga: kangkung cah blacan 29,5k, sapo tahu 67,5k, ikan bakar 22,5k per ons (pesen 7 ons), ayam siyao 48,5k. Total kerusakan take away utk ber 3 dewasa + 1 anak: 333k.”
    Will try asam asam Iga and kepala kakap asam manis, next time :-)

    ==> hoho, makanya gw tulis worth to try on special occasion mbak…xixixixixix kalo every occasion now and then bagkrut juga ya…..

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