if i could do groceries on line I would

Over a year ago, I told my ex – colleague Lubeck, that I am  an old fashioned – warung style– buyer. Purchase  things online wasn’t my cup of tea.

But now, I take my words back.  People who follow me in twitter probably recall I wrote “If I could do groceries online, I would! I hope there were an online hypermart”.  For things like toiletries, kiddos’ finger food or cooking oil for instance, I’d like them delivered to my home rather than finding a best parking spot in Carefour and bear with the queue at the cashier.
I guess  started when I ordered some books via inibuku.com who always gave 15% discount on their book.
I can’t really call it online since I rang them , tell them my wishlist book(s) and ended with cash on delivery. Except for Laskar Pelangi, I bought the other  Andrea Hirata books via inibuku, and didn’t stop ever since.

Until now my order varies such as shawl(s) from cottonlink, a bag for my DSLR via tokocamera.com, and the (two) latest my red crocs shoes from a seller in Multiply.:D
PS : the black Olivia Crocs (size W8) didn’t fit me, I’d like to sell them back.

Well, it wasn’t really online shopping I guess, I told the seller what I want, settle a payment  via ATM, send them email/text message and in 2-3 days I had my order deliver to my home.
I found it cheaper and no time consuming :D.

And now, it’s the real online shopping..
Since it was reviewed in Tamasya Magazine over a year ago, I’ve been looking for “One Year Off by David Elliot Cohen”, but couldn’t find one not even in KL or Singapore. Tick it to as my wishlist in Bookmooch, Zip…no body like to gave the book away.
Not until 2-3 weeks ago I re-activate my ebay account ( actually,first I was searching for a pair of- ankle- red suede-high heel- boots :p,then I found the book, choose the seller who willing to deliver  the book wordlwide,  and sign up for a paypal account. (good thing is, Paypal accept the credit card issued by my  office) 😀

So…today is the day, when I got home the book finally arrived!
The book price was USD 4.50, exclude the shipping cost which charged me for total USD 17.00 and gave me:

A-like-new-book, I mean it totally “mulusssssss” and it is hard cover!

Man, this made my day!


3 thoughts on “if i could do groceries on line I would

  1. I don’t have the luxury to go to a real market and shop so online shopping suits me best. Sometimes i got disappointed tho when the quality didn’t meet my expectations well that’s a risk in online shopping. they said I can send the item back but i’m too lazy 🙂 so i accept it and be carreful next time.

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