lame holiday

except the part, I saw the kiddos’ smile.
it was a lame holiday. i didn’t enjoy the time!
i wish we hadn’t go! we are at the airport now.

  • traveling with kiddos wasn’t as simple as I thought. specially they keep running and wandering even in the busy road. *bayangin deh, ditengah lampu hijau yang berkedap kedip kevin ngotot minta duduk di kursi dorong*
  • Terpaksa beli kursi dorong karena Kevin minta gendong terus. Pas udah dibeli malah maunya jalan terus. Kebayang harus megang dua anak, naik trem on a busy day. But many locals being so polite that they did gave seat to the needy.
  • Kezia ketinggalan di elevator sekali, ngga bisa masuk stasiunnya sekali karena kartunya bermasalah, sementara kita udah at the other side of the gate! (doh)
  • Well, actually I didn’t mind those parts. Really…someone being to hard on me those 4 days that made my mood off! gee….hope it was a big relief for you,some people probably born to be mean I guess.
  • Less time browsing in my favorite book store! *busy chasing the kids*:(
  • Less picture taken *holding two kiddos, one stroller, whad d y think*?
  • one of the pics I took, just guess where I’ve been


    PS : still dreamin’ for a perfect getaway!


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