my two cents

I checked my wordpress Dashboard, there was a guy who click this blog with the keyword
“Sequislife komplain” 😉
I posted two entries about this company of which I had not-so-good experienced.
With this- Ms Prita’s case- is in the air,
gue bakal dituntut juga ngga ya????

And how about the entry, when I put my deep emotion toward Cliff Muntu’s dead who was a Praja IPDN?
* gw dituntut mencemarkan nama baik institusi pendidikan tersebut ngga ya????
Susah bener jadi warga negara republik ini keknya…

Anyway, something cross my mind as I was in a meeting yesterday.
I gave you a picture.
There is a new prospect in our coy that ask for a project financing in a mining industry.
The mining site is somewhere in Sumatera, in the middle of ladang/kebun from duren, timber, rubber plantation, you name it, owned by local farmers.
So, the coy will buy the land and turn parts of them to a mining site and of course a hauling road.
*which in my mind,they will cut down the trees*

Well, there’s an obligation for a Mining Company. After they had finished digging the earth, they have to reclaim and replant the site, the eco-go green-spirit-kinda things.

And yes, I bet the farmer will be granted lots of money (from the villager point of view, perhaps?) and I wonder how will they spend the money to make their ends meet later on?
Land clearing another forest and turn them into a plantation? Well, I learned it take 20 years for a rubber tree to produce a qood quality rubber.

Move out to big city and try their luck as a -pedagang baju bekas sisa import- or learn to drive then transform from farmer to supir angkot or tukang ojek?
Or will they be employed as a mining (local) worker?

My job could take me to those places big plantation or mining sites which turn the owner to money ;).
But as I saw the local people, the ordinary people who lived near by the site I wonder do they enjoy their life? Do they send their kids to school? If yes, how do their kids go to school?Frankly speaking here, they looked ‘ngelongso’ to me.

I know, the mining things will made big money, but for who?site
I know, we had a “Corporate Social Responsibility” program,
I know, there’s a rule to reclaim and replant the land, but when they dig 300 ha for instance, are they really reclaim and replant the whole 300 ha, or they just reclaim 100 ha as ‘syarat, udah kami kerjain kok’.

What do you think?

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