doaku sore ini

Dear God,
If I can’t kick myself out of this (current) cubbicle,
If I still have to deal with those 500 bio proposals,
If I still have to stay a bit longer as his stubborn subordinate,
Send me back to school!
Made the Personal Committee sign my paper,
Made me pass the TPA and TOEFL test…

And when I do,
I guess I will be able to reduce my blogging, facebook-ing, and plurk-ing time.
*I had twitterberry on my phone, I guess I am still hook to it for a while* :p

My life is just fine actually.
*OK I lied, I desperately need to heal my mental health and (damaged) brain*

7 thoughts on “doaku sore ini

    • Not really tehh Yanti, ada scholarship buat pegawai, and I am in. Otak perlu di recharge soalnya since I’m doing the same things for 8 years!

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