healthy mind and soul (and body)

I just read old notes/writings,not a good one I tell you! But I didn’t know why I still keep those writings instead of throw them away. And yes, it makes me upset, broke down and cry (many times).


Why would I get upset of what a moron thinks about (people like) me?

Why a moron think what good for them is best for others as well?

It’s my life that I am responsible to, not others.

I remembered a notes from (ternyata!) a colleague of mine (we met through a mailing list, then get acquaintance through Multiply, later we found out we made ends meet in the same place!)- his auntie had cancer a speed spread then died short time later,some said she was not that sick but she was angry toward a person.She failed letting her anger disappears, she met her death soon.

Last Saturday, I had my hair cut (no picture, my Ixus 80 was misplace) while waiting for my turn (Kezia had her hair a-temporary- curl!), I read Claudia Sintia bella (is it?the one who role in VIRGIN-the movie) short biography in a magazine.

She said every time she get upset toward bad issues/gosips about her, her gland get bigger and she gets bump behind the neck, that’s why she refuse to cope with the issues seriously, she just let them disappear/vanish! It is true then. Your body tells what your brain thinks.

Yeah, I guess you fell to serious sickness if you’re not in –pasrah and tawakal-mode on (as long as you’re doing it in the right path).

Hmmmm…frankly speaking here, I feel reluctant to throw that old notes away, probably I would keep them as my personal reminder not to turn into a moron (like them). :))


what a productive week!

I fixed my friend’s necklace (forgot to take its picture) , made three others.


When I was browsing through Hair Magazine (at the beauty shop), I saw one of the model wearing a black beads necklace, and that inspired me to make the orange choker.

I had new green sack dress (tailor made) with buckle. I get rid of the waist band, and made my own white waist band :D.

green dress


PS : excuse my size, still big eh? :p, skipping those gym classes I added another 2 kg!

It was equipped with the small clasp, then yesterday at Pasar Mayestik  I also found Alma’s store and figured this clasp made even better.


I am telling you, it is soo much fun!

with all of these…


I have new waist band and gave my gray   sack dress a stunning new look! 😀

baju ungu




6 thoughts on “healthy mind and soul (and body)

  1. Well Kiky, there’re some people in the world love minding other’s stuff while they are becoming ignorant to their own messy one. They are exist everywhere, becoming upset on such thing is only waste ur emotion! So, just let them be busy with those and make your self becoming ignorant to them so you dont have to be dying young with cancer ….

    Eh, gw juga mau donk dibikinin kalung ….

    • Panda, who says I had cancer *rese loe pandaaaa!!!*
      Eh, mau warna apa loe?kalung ato ikat pinggang? Kalug aja ye, ikat pinggang buat elo butuh banyak manik-manik…kekekekke

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