my (new) self indulgence

I like trying new thing, to keep my spirt alive! (halah, lebay banget seh).

Years ago I tried crocheting (and made some tablecloths and doilies for our little home), baking (cake decorating included), photography (and lost my 67-mm lens cap  😦 crap! ), and scrap booking

Months ago, a dear friend of mine taught us how to do the beads and wire things. Later I found my self in Alma (their shop in Blok M square) , equipped my self with a set of (consists of 3) basic pliers, a string of beads (beads from broken self necklace collection included) , jump rings, eye pins, head pins, clasp, etc (those little metals you’d find in necklace), tips from this blog,and gee…it ain’t easy as it seems.

and here are some of my works, after all those trial and error, learning that each beads and those metals things has its own carachter, how to loop,etc. For fisrt starter I combined the orange beads with small jump ring, and of course it won’t last :p


I even fixed my mom broken pearl necklace (lumanyan…jadi hak milik gue sekarang :p, no picture) I think a handmade gift for my girl friends would be nice, what do you think?

but when my dad found me doing those beads thing he commented

“ngga pernah serius kalo cari hobi” (doh)


9 thoughts on “my (new) self indulgence

  1. tuh kan makanya begaul ama gw. pasti bermanfaat hasil gaulannya. *intip blog orang* huahahahaha

    nyari rante tembaga nih belum nemu. Kapan kita bisa 1 day tour ke asemka?

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