actually, it was just between us

The boss : “why,aren’t you happy here?”
Me : “why you said that? It’s fine with me…it’s just….”
The Boss *smile* : “well, go head if it makes you happy”
New brondong on the block : “oh gitu” and gave me the ntar-gue-duduk-di-meja-loe-ya-mbak look. *owh, the pleasure is all yours,Dit*

And he tapped my head as if I were his daughter.
To tweeeetttt, sir 😀

and my “it’s just” is actually means :

It’s not that I have enough with my (current) job (errr, 8 years, whad do yu think?) , it is me wanna be a better me.
I have to heal both of my (damage) brain as well as my mental health 🙂
Bismillah…wish me luck!being banker is so much fun! *finger cross*


6 thoughts on “actually, it was just between us

  1. Dah bankir, dikelilingi banyak brondong, kurang apa lagi sih elo Ky? 😀

    ==> tapi otak ama mental gue tetep gak waras 😀 hahhahaha

  2. perasaan gw ngasih sarannya pindah bank deh, knapa cuma pindah bagian?

    but it’s ok for a start, you’re doing great ^_*

    ==» bonusnya gedean di marih…BH gantung berlian aja dapat 2 lusin lah! Bwakakkakak…

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