me and my notes

Months ago, when I (thought) I was at the lowest point of my life, a dear friend of mine said:
percaya deh, kalo lo udah keluar dari that ‘maze’ ….. pertama elo ngerasa puas, abis itu lo akan kehilangan sensasi of being nervous, gelisah, ketakutan, capeek…… u gonna miss those after feeling soo flaaaatttt…… and u’ve come 2 realize, those bad feelings make u alive

Later, when I was about to leave the maze, I asked God:
“Jika memang Plan A hidup saya gagal, jadikan plan B hidup saya lancar”
I know, I am telling God what to do, and probably it isn’t right.

but I stop saying:
“loe siy enak, loe kan..bla..bla…bla…”
after I did what I haven’t done from long time ago “MENDENGAR”
I learned many people (close friends actually) faced their own obstacles and shortcomings and they became what they are now.
Remembered that Tamy- my college buddy- and I had conversation via YM a month ago:
“You have lot of things that I don’t,you’ll be fine,mbak”


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