Un baiser , S’il Vouz Plait

shallwekissI Love Film Festival ,and glad every year we had Jiffest — and this week — Festival Sinema Perancis is in Town.

This year one of the venue is just across the office building, but not until Friday I could see (one of) the movie. The 19.30 movie was Un baiser , S’il Vouz Plait. The story began when Gabriel meet Emilie – an interior designer- in Nante, and gladly gave her a ride wandering the city, since Emile doesn’t live in Nante.

When the night just about to end, Gabriel made a move to kiss Emilie, but she refused. She told him a story – a long one actually – how a kiss without a consequences could ruin a marriage.

They decide to have a drink in cafe, so Emilie could tell her story. The story itself is about Judith (who married to a pharmacist,Claudio) decided to help Nicholas, her bestfriend, to fill the empty-ness in Nicholas who just broke up with his girlfriend. But later, they learned they have passion to each other and they couldn’t resist and it was started from a kiss.

Before the night really end and Gabriel had guess, with whom Emilie married to , she offered him to kiss her without any (extra) gesture :p, any glance, any consequences. Gabriel agreed, and after he did, he leave her without looking back at Emillie and that the movie ends. it was a simple plot but I don’t think I have seen such a plot in Indonesia movie 😀 There were lots of conversation in the movie, like in Before Sunset .

My favorite quote : ” Sometimes when you less expecting, you’ll get more” — gee — I don’t know the words in French I read the text :p. Reminds me a week ago, where the other team had a outing in HK, I asked some of the colleagues “bawain gue coklat ya, ato gantungan kunci ada tulisan Hongkong!:p I was expecting (chocolate, off course) and an ordinary metal keychain that you’ll find in any souvenir shop, turn out Mia and Ista gave me keychains form Disneyland. Yippie…thank you guys! 😀


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