lagi ngamukkkk

An old buddy of mine get me on my nerve toight and I’m sooooo pissed off. Wonder there’s an-over-30, (33 to be precise) who still stupid enough-brainless as well as heart less- not thinking what so ever come from his/her mouth.may the best happen for his/her future life, I’m not going to swear or curse him/her over, who am I to judge.
That person actually has nothing to do with my past or future life, or what so ever
Well, it was probably something in my past that I met my karma.
All I can do now,just delete that person from my phone book,YM list,FB….errr….I just remember I don’t even had his/her mobile phone number, just an email account.
Ah…piece of cake.Nothing last for ever-eat that!!!!


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