the quote

Pompi, a colleague of mine write on his facebook status this morning
” going depart to Home this evening ”
Let me share you his story :  His parents (and his two younger siblings) live in Jakarta, the city he’s living in for the first 24 years of his life. After we passed Manajemen Trainee, he was stated in Medan for about 5 years, before stated in Palembang as a Branch Manager.yeah, his career path flies so smooth…:D.
So, currently he travels  alot between those 3 cities. Sumatera Area Manager (his direct supervisor) is base in Medan.While in Polonia months ago, I recalled he write “back to home”, which means back to Palembang (the city he currently I
lives in). Probably the Sumatera Area Officers had monthly meeting discussing their target, budget, Non Performing Loan or what so ever.

Recalling this, I commented on  his status.
Where  is home for you? palembang/medan/condet? :p .
He replied: “Waduh ky…yang pasti bisa bikin huati sueneng Ky bwahahaha. Sometimes every city had its own pleasure and its own isn’t apple to apple comparation..:D”
Well I guess, the quote Home is where the heart is is true after all…


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