daily rambling

I was wondering how come there are no business trip lately, on 2nd semester 2008 to be precise.Probably,  the effect from global financial  crisis, we kinda slow down the credit facility.  There trainings in the company training center isn’t bad though.
well, anyway I bought a red luggage tag from Ace Hardware weeks ago for my Red Beverly Hills Polo Luggage, and my dad muttering :
“padahal ngga planning jalan2x juga tahun ini”
” yang penting merah,pa” 😀

Anyway, just when I enjoy my last day off, laying down on my bed, my mobile phone rang. It was from my colleague from Business Unit department.
“hey, ky…sorry to interrupt your day off”
“yeah, right”
“well, bla,,,bla,,,bla…we have to reschedule this PT XYZ’s installment due to oil price …bla…bla…we have suppose to have this meeting with the client today, but since you’re not here, I had reschedule for tomorrow…bla…bla…bla…”
“yeah, you’re coming with me”
*pokoknya gue mau bilang akhirnya gue  naik pesawat lagi* :))

4 thoughts on “daily rambling

  1. Asyik jalan jalan mulu, gimana kabarnya,menghilang dari blogspot nongol disini ya? wah betrayel dari blogspot nih hehehe j/k
    Aku siap bantu non, kalau diperlukan ..hehehe
    just sent me email, apa yang bisa aku bantu ..? ..hhiihihi..kesannya kok :))

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