2008 reflection

Last entry in year 2008 😀

This is  my –  ”salad bowl”- year, so many things happened. Probably this is the  turning point of my life, the same year when I turned 30! Let me recall.

There was a very sad news early this year, my grandma who is the only grandparent I had for the last 15 years died in  her mid-80’s. I was so upset hearing the news. I recalled there were less time I gave her a call just to ask  how she was doing. When I remember her every now and then, my eyes will  burst to tear. I still blame my self how ignorance I was. I guess sending her my pray is the best I can do now.

Not long after that, I learn who I suppose to be friend with and who doesn’t. I learned my lesson not to trust someone (new) deeply.

Now the good news, my wish was granted.  I traveled more than I had  on the previous years. Two of them were my first trip. I’m so glad I can snap beautiful Matak, the north gate of this country  then feel amaze how big the mining coal is. A business trip abroad during long holiday and a  course in Bali during summer time wasn’t bad idea after all. hahahahah. In my career, I got promoted early this year, alhamdulilah! 😀

I also celebrated my daughter birthday. it is a great pleasure to see her smile during the events!

Ow, my youngest son going  to school with no specific obstacle, gee…he’s getting big. I was afraid of his ability to speak early this year that I  planed to see doctor, but now…I often shook my head of his comments and strong will.

My wishes to reduce this fat was granted also *wink*. Now I am 12 cm (on waist) and 7 kg smaller! Yay! That-I’m-going-back-to-gym is finally  working. I gained more confident, there are many nice and proper wardrobe fit me now! Hahahahha.

Well, if I could find my last year magazine or New Year Edition, I’d like to read what my astrology said about my financial issue, because it should stated “keuangan anda Cerah”.  I mean, now I had this saving to fulfill  my dream soon. Insya Allah.

Back to sad news, couple of monts before this year end, again I faced serious problems. This is the turning point of my life! I realize  I spend my time for useless things, I lost track on who I am and what I want to be. But then again thanks to my family’s  and closet friend’s support, I gain my confident back!   I guess it was Allah’s way to show me the right path with a “bitter” moment. It also reconected me with my old girlfriends who I had huge arguments years ago. I thought they weren’t my friend anymore and they will talk behind my back once they hear this issue. But surprisingly they just hold my hands, and I know right away everything will be alright.

No, the problems hasn’t finished yet, the mess is still left but let me clearly shout to the world   I’m  DOING JUST FINE. today, tomorrow and days after.

Yah, despite all the misery, the unfinished mess up, I can say all to you :

This is my best year!


One thought on “2008 reflection

  1. tahun 2008 ini juga gw kenal ama elo, ky. Kenal lebih dekat, dan lebih sering ketemu. hehehehe

    smoga thn 2009 ini akan menjadi tahun yang lebih baik utk kita semua yah.

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