to make something special you have to believe it is special.Is it?

I remembered, once, my colleagues said. “price ain’t lie, harga ngga bohong” , to resemble saying  costly stuff comes with good quality. When you drag yourself from ISX building to Sumitmas Plaza with your WMO shoes,it  will  probably bite your feet compare to Clark shoes for instance. (well, I will probably take Kopaja P 19 though) ^_^.
Or the quality (sound) from China MP3 player versus IPOD Shuffle?
sometime ago, I heard someone said..errr…or probably I read in someone’s blog, one will gain more confident if she/he wears branded stuff.  Some people think she/he look better once they put brand stuffs on and willing to pay (much much) more. I don’t have to draw you a picture between  Clark vs WMO shoes, do I?
Look at  the crowd from Metro Dept. 70%  -one-day-only- Sale , few months ago  (well, I didn’t go there, colleagues of mine said so, I can’t stand the crowd anymore :p),
Is it because the buyers were expecting  they can pay branded stuff for cheaper price to boast their confident later on or some people are just being consumtive?
The first figure isn’t wrong, though!

Then I also remembered a saying in my favorite movie “KUNG FU PANDA”.
Learning that was nothing in the Dragon Scrawls, Shifu asked his students to evacuate the villagers including
PO, the new dragon warrior.
When PO get home, he met is father, who was about to leave , dragging  his noodle soup’s stall along.
His father feel firm as a rock (anyway, do we have the prase “firm as a rock?” heheheh) , he can sell the famous noodle shop somewhere else. His father shared him a big secret – his soup’s secret ingredients.
In PO’s surprise, his father whispered there were no Secret Ingredients.
To make something special you have to believe it is special .
Ok,if  I may analogize  to look (or feel?)  well groom you have to believe you are well groom (even you ain’t wear branded-as long as it is functioning as it is suppose to be- is fine to you).
Compare these two scenaries,  which type are you?

PS : there was my friend (let say his/her name is A) had little chit chat with me. She/he was wearing neck strap from Hard Rock Cafe – Bali.
Then another friend (B) came to us. He/She claimed him/herself to be the real “Hardrocker-ean”, collects every single HRC’s stuff. Never seen the neck strap that A was wearing before, B asked A :
“Is your HRC’s neckstrap genuine?”
Puhleasseee, HRC neck strap only cost Rp 50.000,- why bother? I mean I won’t bother If B aksked. A “is your Gucci wallet,genuine?” :p

See- for some people brand does matter!


15 thoughts on “to make something special you have to believe it is special.Is it?

  1. I think the reason branded stuff is so special is because of the image in protrays to other people.
    It’s not really about feeling special, maybe designer clothes will make you feel special because you feel superior but it does little else materially.
    What it actually does is give you a persona, someone who is fashionable, rich and has good taste. If you want to be seen like that and you derive pleasure from it, you will buy name-brand clothes.
    In turn, a person who has no name brands but walks with confidence gives you the image of someone who is exactly that… confident. But if they want to seem rich and stylish, they will probably have to spend money on designer clothing.
    So yes, you’re right. You are what makes your clothing special but that’s only to yourself. Other people have their own perspective too and it all depends on whether you care what they think or not.

  2. Thank you for sharing girlslash woman.this entry actually for my blogger friend Diaz and De,who once, had tough argument about this branded stuff. Hahhhaha

  3. masalahnya bukan asli apa nggak
    masalahnya lo perlu beli yg asli apa nggak

    buat gue sih, barang dilihat dari fungsinya
    selama tas LV, mo dia asli, or kw 1 apa 2 apa 3, tokh dia tetep tas kan ? its just bag gitu lohh…

    *ini argumen gue aja, karena emang ga mampu aja beli LV yg pake kardus hehehe

  4. I do CHEAP but dont FAKE!

    kalo gw sih beli barang liat kebutuhannya, bukan liat mereknya. Yang pasti harus asli, sebagai apresiasi gw terhadap penciptanya.

    Tapi gw juga gak mau beli barang yg gw butuh kalo harganya selangit. Misalnya gw butuh tas dengan 5 kantong didalamnya, ya gw akan cari tas dengan spek itu tanpa liat merek. Yang pasti harus sesuai ma bugdet gw. Ngapain gw beli tas LV kalo isi tasnya gak pernah lebih dari 500rb. Gw butuh tas bukan butuh mereknya.

    Daripada gw paksain beli LV asli, trus elo bilang “kw brapa de?”. Nah gw bisa sakit hati nantinya. Jadi mending gw menghindari merek itu karena gw gak mampu belinya. Semoga kalo suatu hari nanti gw mampu membelinya, gw juga gak kepikiran untuk beli. Mending duitnya buat jalan2.

    Emang sih harga gak pernah bohong, harga bisa lebih murah juga karena kualitas lebih rendah. Jadi saat beli barang, ekspektasi gw juga gak akan lebih dari jumlah uang yg gw keluarkan.

  5. I never give a damn care to the fake or genuine one. I should admit that most of brand designers have a good taste on designing bag, cloth or whatever the things are, unfortunately they sometimes put nonsense prices, . But to me the one who do not own the company or even that damn slim mcbook air which have grabbed my attention lately :p, why I should be stupid morron idiot on spending USD 1,700 for an LV bag? regardless I like it so badly as it’s looked so nice to my eyes not because it is an LV or even a Hermes. Then why I have to be emberrassed to bid the fake one?

    Gee… anybody wanna say, stop the piracy like other bullshit demonstration? Owh common, who on earth do not do so, well maybe the Donald Triumph level do not. Just raise up your hand for who never bougth a pirated DVD, MP3, CD, Microsoft,etc? Owh, you do? Oh Ok, I respect you for being a Donald Triump level. I just want to let some people open the eyes, we are living the reality not living the fake one.

    Well, if you ask me how the thing would be special. Yeah, I am the one who would make the fake one so special. Do I humiliate my self? I dont feel so, I dont care to people who have that perspective, it’s not even a sin for them to have such a thought. Or do I humiliate the designers? Well, I dont mean so, I love their masterpiece, but cannot buy one. I dont think they would become poor because of the pircay, do they?

    Yang penting kalo urusan cowo nan itu kudu asli, I dont do fake lebay one for that case! :p

    Intinya *buset deh udah ngeblog panjang gini di blog orang, baru sampe ke intinya* For certain items, I do fake, I admit that, I don’t have a dare to say all my belongings are genuine.

    *mudah2an jadi rame deh Ky blog elo, wekekekkekek*

  6. jadi penting banget sih ya…. kalo gue pake tas plastik kresekan yang ASLI carrefour ye …. yang penting ASLI … tul gak …

    btw ….ky,gue lagi baek nih, nyokap mo kesini ampe akhir januari … mungkin telat ye … tapi loe mau moleskine … ?? *kedipkedipmanis*

  7. lebih suka membeli barangan yang original walaupun sesekali barangan yang tiada jenama juga bagus juga kualitinya… tetapi mad redo1 masih tewas tatkala membandingkan taste-nya dengan teman sebiliknya… hehehe…

  8. kiki…apa kabar buu…secara enggris gue yg parah bangeet…akhirnya setelah membaca dengan dahi berkerut 50 garis…gue bisa menyelesaikan posting ini…dan…”sedikit” mengerti…hi..hi…kesiyaaan deh silvi…

    sumpee … gue cinta matee ma foto mu yg gambar bayangan itu…postingan apa yaa judulnya…lupa…pokonya yg di bawah…kereeeen…

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