here goes my story

ok,here I’m back. 😀
the training that was held in the company’s Training Centre wasn’t a bad idea after all. All I do is breakfast-study-snack break-study-afternoon nap – lunch-study-coffee break-study- end. I could went home  to bintaro on day 2 and 3.

Hari kedua, pagi-pagi gue minjem sepeda gunung yang memang disediakan di TC, jalan-jalan sendirian  sekitar lokasi TC menikmati indahnya GUnung Salak dan Gunung Gede Panggrango dari kejauhan tanpa ditutup kabut. Indahnya. Pergi 15 menit pulangnya 1 jam! Pergi turunan semua, pulangnya tanjakan semua. *sigh*.
Riding  a mountain bike wasn’t as easy as I thought, giling! pantesan temen  kantor gue sebelum beli “les” sepeda gunung, gue sempat terjungkal waktu ngerem dengan rem sebelah kanan.

On Friday morning, I tried  different track (because I went back to Bintaro on tuesday and wednesday evening), but unfortunately both mountains was cover by thick fog. :(. But it was bright  day though, I really enjoy fresh air in the morning, listening to the bird chirping, morning dew, ah you name it…

Well, the training was great, I didn’t make any single yawning! Considering the issue, sometime I lost interest  about credit risk management 😀

The lecturer was a-retiree-senior-officer-from the head office (a hindi-malay) who’s also a backpacker! wow! He planned to visit kutai and bromo the next time he come back to Indonesia after completing a meditation in Himalaya. I mean, my ex colleague, lubeck and I shared the same idea that we probably see no senior officer like him in my coy. 😉
The course was about credit (more to Corporate) management, since the lectures wasn’t speak completely in Bahasa, the class did pay  a lot of attention :-D.
But he can drew us a picture from  both marketing (whose target  is to lend  as much as possible) and reviewer (whose target is to minimize the credit as low as possible) point of view. Some time marketing and reviewer (like me) has lot of arguments. Well, I had to give credit  to my supervisor who sign me up for this course.

Next training is….BSMR level 2. *long sigh*

PS : eh, panda…jadinya kita ke bromo kapan?


10 thoughts on “here goes my story

  1. Bromo, stick the schedule for next year! Seriusss…cuma jangan Feb ya, gw ada travelling bareng family. Serrriuuusssss niiiii kali ini ke Bromo musti jadi next year!

  2. it’s really interesting story… would you please visit my blog, read it carefully, think positively, and contemplate it before give a comment. Wish we get better financial performance for our life.

  3. keren fotonya, sayang agak blur dikid…pake tripod pasti ok….
    *hayyyyaaah sotoy mode on gw*

    ayoooo ke bromooooo…nginep di rumah gw ajaaaaa

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