Sometime ago, I thought having a facebook account means loosing some of your privacy. Mbak ambar claimed herself as a facebook suicide. The whole contacts will receive notifications  who’s write on your wall or tag you on pictures the comments on the pictures as well.

It is a funny thing, two of my contacts are my mommy’s best friend back when she was in High School 33 years ago, :-D. The Nenek Lincah I suppose.

But, it think facebook is fun somehow, see…two of my high school buddies just tag me on these pictures. Can you locate me? 😀

(taken on my first year in High School),the “CUPU “men sitting at the front row is a -commercial-model on TV)

and this

(taken for our class Year Book, yep…before the college students step on its roof back in 1998, we were there!!!!!)


5 thoughts on “vintage

  1. gw tau elo yg mana!

    difoto atas, sebelah kanan kan ada kandang burung dan teman elo yg badannya agak besar itu. Nah elo dengan KACA MUKA (lebih gede dari kaca mata soalnya) itu gampang banget dikenalinnya. hihihihihi

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