my second bali trip (in year 2008)

hellow everybody!!!
as I told you before, I came back to Bali with my colleagues. I flied with Air Asia 20.00 and arrived at about 23.00. It was first trip to bali (even first time flying for Roni, the taller man who stand in front of Air asia!) for some of my colleagues.

We stayed in Fourteen Rosses in Legian Street, very affordable rate but their rooms have dull interior, due to its age and served dull breakfast aswell *ada harga ada mutu lah ya…*

The tour had been arranged for us and I was pissed off that the tour schedule was to…Kintamani – tanah Lot – Jimbaran…L.

Months before I fly to Bali on July, the tour agent send us an email telling that out trip was to GWK, Uluwatu and Benoa Bay, that’s why I choose Kintamani route on last July.

Well, whatever!

First we went to Batu Bulan, watching Barong show. I wonder all the castings depend on the enterance fee (tiket harga masuk maksud gue, kikikkk) , If there are less tourists, there won’t make more money. Pity for them.

After the shows we went forward to Kintamani, I had lunch in different restaurant from my previous and the food was lame.It doesn’t allow us to have another mineral water, even we paid for a-buffet-lunch nor it have a spectacular view like the previous resto,either.

Then, we took (almost) the whole picture of C(redit) M(arket) R(isk) G(roup) gank, pas gue lagi sholat dzuhur…uh, sebel!

After lunch, the big boss wanted to visit Istana Tampak Siring, so we headed there. Good thing, since I didn’t stop at this palace last July.

Like any other building in Bali, this palace had pura aswell. Some said, this area form a-balineesee woman figure if we see from high above.

It has a beautiful pool, which water never dry even of dry season. It also has 3 moa (eels), which colors are black, white and red. If you happened to see there of them, it will bring you luck.

tetep aja narsis dan foto ngga mutu.

Then…Sunset in Tanah Lot, and still making a silly pictures.

Then, dinner in Jimbaran.

While waiting for the dinner, Lany and I made unordinary pictures, we bought Jagung Bakar and borrow his stuff,pretending that Lany is the seller. Quite funny don’t you think.

After arriving back to Legian street, we headed to Ocean Beach Club, a famous outdoor- club- in Kuta Area, not far from the famous Hard Rock Cafe. It has a pool int he middle of it, where people going wild , including…errr…Oh, I rather no tell.…not me! We didn’t sip any alcohol, trust us. Too Funny

On Sunday, my flight schedule was on 13.50 and there were no the tour schedule for us who took the earlier flight. Since I failed visitting Dreamland last July,

while dinner on previous night, I told my friends I wanted to paid a visit there before flying back to Jakarta, all my colleagues were agree with my idea, and we hired three cars for the next day. The ones who flight on 23.00 pm refuse to join the tour as well.

So…there we were, taking silly pictures in DreamLand beach!

After breakfast, when I lost my appetite due to lack of sleeping time , we headed there,

mulai foto dari yang mutu….tadinya cuma 6 orang yang berangkat jam 13.50.

sampai ketika pasukan Corporate reviewers lain datang….dari foto ibu dan anak sampai pre wedding ngga mutu.

The six of us, who take earlier flight went to Joger, the others headed their journey to GWK.

ow, what a trip.

here for other pictures

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