my first bali trip (in year 2008)

Like I told you on my previous post, on Tuesday, I was completely all by my self. Headed for the beach, try to enjoy everything on my own.
bare foot, walk along the Kuta Beach, with the sound of wave as the music , waiting for the sunset. I just made the best out of being lonely.


After the sun has gone, walk along the narrow Poppies Lane, bought sorvenir for my colleagues back in Jakarta, and spending sometime talking to the owner of the shop.
I think when you’re alone, you have to make friends with people you met, you won’t feel alone anymore.
I stopped a taxi, asked him taking me anywhere *with a good food*
I ended up in Carefour hehehhe.

next morning
*feel like De Ja Vu*
I was the only banker among 25 participants, so everybody
gave me the look what-are-you-doing-here?
*okey, I’m exaggerating*

I found the birds with the same feather, ended my lonely time up in next 3 days.
But all of them were good, they’d asked me to join. *sayang aja ngga ada brondong ,*

On friday, the course ended before lunch (bisa aja niy Bp Sutadi,pengertian banget!), we hired a car that took us to Celuk (I bought a flower-silver-pendant), sukowati, tanah Lot and Jimbaran.


Late at night, we had to say good bye.
tapi pak Slamet, dan bu eliza kantornya masih di Ps, Yuni bahkan 1 gedung dengan saya. Masih besar kemungkinan untuk ketemuan lagi.
Sama Kak Grace aja niy, yang jauh, di Balikpapan tinggalnya. Kapan lagi ya ketemu.

Since my flight would be on 20.00 on on satudarday night, I hired a car to take me around.
Don’t know what to do to spend the day, I remember there is mas Djaja, a colleague who just move from Jakarta to Depansar.
I sent him a text message in the middle of the night, he replied the next morning saying that he and his daughter were available. Yihhha….
Lumejen, daripada gue
We went to the zoo in Ubud area (waks, so expensivem the enterance fee is Rp 50.000/person), foto2x di Ubud (terasering—sistem pertanian khas Bali), Kintamani,
dan ends up di Pantai Lebeng…the beach that facing East, so won’t see sunset here. I wanna go back here sometime again, waiting for the sunrise.
(hey, I did woke up so early in the morning — even before dawn— when I was in Barito River!)

Aksesnya baru dibuka, pantainya belum ada pemecah ombak, makanya ombaknya rada “kasar”, penuh batu-batu. Pasirnya hitam, tapi bersih.
duh, semoga pantai ini dibiarkan seperti ini, jangan dibangun hotel dan resort lah…

Our country has all the beauty!

Akhirnya jam delapan juga. time to fly.
Ketika mendarat dan siap-siap turun, sebelum pintu pesawat dibuka, sekilas melihat penumpang lain. Ada satu keluarga kok ya familiar wajahnya.
Ah itu, teh Amel , karena blio kerap posting dengan foto, jadi hapal dengan muka keluarganya.
senengnya bisa ketemu juga akhirnya.:)

PS : why did I call this entry My first Bali trip in year 2008? Insya Allah, I’ll be back here on August 8th-10th.

*Suer, gue training bukan liburan…kan ngga mungkin lagi training trus poto-poto*

more pictures are here.

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