my latest trip – Singapore

continue from my latest trip,


It was at about 5 pm Harbour Front’s time, 🙂

yep I cross the border to Singapore.

It was my first trip to this country by ferry.

It kind of pissed me of a bit, when the immigration officer spend so many times just to stamp the passport. The immigration officer at Changi Airport were quick!

I saw many of them were being interviewed, probably an illegal imigrant?

We stayed at Mandarin Hotel at Orchard Road, I stayed there about 8 years ago.

Not long after that, each of us doing sperate ways…

I planned to visit my friends from college Gita who has moved to Pungol from Simei.

I headed to Somerset MRT.

Now that I wasn’t familiar with MRT Vendor Machine, it took minutes for me figuring out buying the ticket.

Luckly, a singporean man help me buying a single trip ticket. I had to change the vehicle in Dhouby Gout Station, I remember it was a small, less people, quite MRT station now it is HUGE!

Arriving at Pungol (the last stop for North East LIne), I proceed to higher level getting on LRT to Meridian.

Yeah, it is my first trip using LRT – it’s monorail look a like.


But when I put my card to open the gate at Meridian Station, it didn’t work.Wussie

I was panic, the old man on news papper stand didn’t help me either.

The machine gate said my card was under credit.

Then I remember, the man at somerset press Pungol on the vendor machine instead of Meridien.

take a glimpse at the Meridien Station, I found another vendor machine and put another cents on that.

*fiuh* now I can get out.


I spend like 2 hours in GIta’s new house, my daughter like Fathir so much, she even declare to everybody that Fathir is her Singaporean boy friend.

(alas, she’s only 4!).

We asked for Mas Roni (Gita’s husband) permission for mommy time out P

We hit Mustafa Centre in Little India the place where I bought many chocoholates for my colleagues back in Jakarta.


Of course I won’t miss buying After Eight Chocolate Mint for my self, taste heavenly and bought a Punjabi Dress for my daughter.

At 10.30 pm we were heading to Farrer Park MRT Station, and said good bye. Thank you gita for accompany me. See you on June, Insya Allah.

I woke up a bit late, and meet my colleague at breakfast lounge.

Again, we were heading seperate way, realizing my cashflow wasn’t fully recovered yet from my last trip to Kuala LUmpur P I didn’t want to spend anything here.

I decided heading Bugis Street to spend the day after I did window shopping at Paragon. I took many pictures, how I like this clean country – tourist friendly – east meet west buildings – even I’m broke…:P

I wish Jakarta would be like this….*dreaming*


An hour later, the sky was dark I get in OG, it wasn’t Great Singapore Sale yet, but I saw a-Red- Polo Beverly Hills – 4 wheels- cabin allowed by IATA- luggage- for 50% off!

My insanity back, I purchased that RED luggage and drag it over back to Orchard Road (the size was acceptable for cabin and MRT). Putting my previous small luggage inside, checked out and heading back to Harbour front.

Back in Batam, we had lunch in Padang Restaurant, heading to Nagoya for sightseeing. There were lots of Bag (claimed branded) & perfume shops, but I doubt those are genuine. I only bought – imported from Malaysia chocholates, candy and drink. Hard to find some of those in Jakarta.


Unfortunately, the access to Cengkareng Airport. *sigh* was closed due to flood. This is embarassing, considering that Jakarta is the Gate To Indonesia. So, our flight was cancelled for 2 hours. Anyway at 11.00 pm arrived back in my house. J

What at trip! 3 different islands in 3 days!

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