never me!

I’ve been blogging since January 2005, so it has been over 3 years. My first entries was pictureless, to make it more interesting I started to post some pictures. I remember we have to post via back in those day.
Well, since I’m a blogger…I almost carry my camera every time, took pictures of everything that made some of my clique wondering why do I have to take unimportant pictures. Whatever! they don’t have blog, they don’t have anything to be shared.

Like today, we have lunch in a traditional restaurant —- not a fancy one, bit cost above average

We were there to celebrate on my auntie birthday…so there we are, the second and the third — and the fourth generation of Datuk Ibrahim. :). it was a rare opurtunity for us — sit in the one big table together, even we lived in the same city

the sky was clear, my cousins asked me to take their pictures. Since all of us was there, I like to make the picture unusual, then I find the hole in this yellow tube at the children playground made a unique frame…I just love it. so does my cousins — the third generation of the Ibrahims. 😛

and the I realized….NO me in that picture. *sigh*


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