sometimes I wonder why

Quintarantino from Portugal drop a comment on my photoblog:

This isn´t fair … you got all the beauty of a charming landscape to get a fantastic photo and left us nothing.

I post the picture above, for a meme titled Sky watch Friday and his comment made me smile and wondering something.
Tell you the truth , I haven’t explore my country as much as other people.
I was nothing compare to my college buddy, Ais, who I guess has explore this entire country.
But, yes I did prefer to post those beautiful landscape or antique buildings and give brief explantion about them from those places I have travelled to.

but, why currently, the Indonesian Airlines such as Garuda and Mandala have a nice – low fare package for Uniquely SIngapore, or local banks (with their credit card programs) offered reasonable price- some tour packages – to Bangkok, KL or even European Countries

Well, please don’t get me wrong here, but when I read KONTAN yesterday, it said those near by countries did hit Indonesian tourist as their visitor, and I guess nothing wrong with that.
Those country has a-well-prepared program, like eastcostlife wrote in here. Off shores visitors feel welcome and comfortable in those places, easy to find directions, free from flood & heavy traffic jam International airport *sigh* bla…bla…bla.
just my thought. I mean, I think it’s ironic, this year suppose to be Visit Indonesia Year 2008, right?

One thought on “sometimes I wonder why

  1. Kiky, ironic isn’t it, when people would rather go abroad when there is much to explore in their own countries. Some fellow Filipinos are like that, like its a prestige to be able to go to neighboring countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and HongKong when there is so much to see here in our country.

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