craving for food

I’m craving for food for this past two weeks. I have a complete meal for breakfast, which probably other normal people will have that for lunch after a tired morning, and…I still get hungry, or wanna chew something at (i usually have my bf at am at the office)
And on lunch, yep…I have another com*plete meal again, still starving at
Back to home, I have my dinner as well.

A friend of mine said look like I add another fat, well yeah I did, successfully add another 1 ,5 kg.
I said to my self ” only 2 possibilities whenever I’m so starving like this, get pregnant or get my period soon”

well, i use birth control (IUD) after I gave birth to my baby boy, but who knows?
this lady still get pregnant after she use IUD.

But, actually, I was a bit worried, cause my baby boy still need extra care for his health somehow I will need extra effort , and I plan to lose all extra 20 kg this year. If…I get pregnant again with this weight, it won’t be good for my health either (I’m more than just overweight, obese might be)
well, from last night, suddenly I lost all my appetite…and this morning…I got my period. 😛


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