My Grandma Pass AwaY

when I was about leaving the house and kiss my mom goodbye,

Mom told me that My Grandma passed away at 1.00 am this morning.

I didn’t cry when I learnt that my grandpa died 14 years ago, so I thought I wouldn’t this time.

But I was wrong.

When I put my shoes on, I can’t stop my tears from falling.

November 2006, couple of days after Hari Raya, was the last time I see my grandma and introduced her two others Great Grandchildren (she has 31 grandchildren and about 20 Great Grandchildren).

All the memories just popped up,

One day she called me and told me this :

“Kalau kau kerja, jangan kau tinggal anak kau dengan pengasuh, antar ke rumah mama atau suruh mama datang ke rumah kau. Nanti disiksanya cicit nenek, pengasuh sekarang banyak yang ngga baik”

My sister and I were surprised where she came up with the idea, I always thought she’d never concerned about one of this, since she just a regular “old time “ woman, get married at the age 15 and stayed at home brought up her children.

She used to live in Payakumbuh, but moved with my auntie in Duri,Riau since couple of years ago since no one taking care of her. (her son in law passed away 2 weeks ago, a great loss for my auntie, first her husband and now her mom).

Actually, she just built a new house in Payakumbuh (the house is empty, she refused to have it rent since on Lebaran day she’d be there). she even designed the house, and supervised its construction. The house then named after her son, who passed away on July 2001.

She always asking me, when will I visit her in that house, and I keep telling her

“Nanti nek, kapan2x…”

“kapan? Nanti nenek keburu meninggal”

and it happens.

After loosing her husband, her 6 children 1 great grandchild, 1 son in law, now it her turn.

And even worse, I don’t recall when was the last time I have her on the phone.

Just feeling what a lousy granddaughter I am.

In her life, She was never been hospitalized, not even once!

She is about in her mid-80’a, no one sure when she was born (the exact Masehi Year, the record was in Hijriah Year).

Good bye, Nek. I’ll miss you! A lot!

3 thoughts on “My Grandma Pass AwaY

  1. Walopun dah basi, tapi gw teuteup maksa mo ngucap “Turut Berduka Cita”, Ky. Semoga amal ibadah beliau diterima olehNya. Amin

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