a journey to bogor

this is unordinary weekend for my babies,
not only the destination but I put some (new) adventure for my two precious.
We left home at 6.45 am headed to Gambir,
oh yeah…we left the car at home and took Pakuan Express train.
There were Susi my collegue and….tante D the “Biduan Madura” coming along with us.
Susi and I had planned this trip days ago, and at very late at night I invited Day,
(sorry kak InJul and Bude Dini….:P)

We (suppose) to take 7.45 am train, but it was late. probably there were sooo many people
going mudik…so many train schedule, the peron was so crowded.
This is Kezia 2nd KRL trip but the first for baby #2.
He liked to wander around the train. Hmphhhh….

An hour latter, we arrived at the station, and looked for breakfast
(since we plan to do Wisata Kuliner, we didn’t have our breakfast on purpose, but my babies did…)
Actually, I wanted to dine in every place that was recomended by TAMASYA MAGAZINE a month ago but i mistook it somewhere.

we had quite a long walk, we arrived at SMA I Bogor, and there is a hawker centre beside the school.
I asked for Es KELAPA JERUK….what a refreshment!
Susi and I have Kupat tahu and Day had TOGE GORENG, off course.
Then we took delman to Kebun Raya Bogor
kakak didn’t want to join at first and I pursued her,
He asked a plastic ball instead, I let her and her brother buy the toy.Hmpph…o well.
Then we have another walk.

And guess what, this pool has little crocodile! Day ans Susi did saw it themselves, I didn’t cause I was taking some pictures.
To watch the palace, I guess Mr President trust the crocodile better than the security.
Kakak was so borring then start to annoy us, she wanted to see deer.
That’s why I failed to take some pictures

When we about to left the KRB, we saw the cable car, so we took the trip around KRB.
It cost Rp 10.000/person, and you know what…the KBR only had 4 of this, but today only 2 of thes was operated.
Hayya….this weekend sir, lot of people coming! Lucky us then.
The driver was nice, he act as a guide tour and did his job great.
Dahlia think he kinda cute.
Oh boy!

Another 30 minutes spend here, then we left the garden. as my promise to Kezia who’s being kinda annoyig,
We like to see the Deer in front of Istana President,
then wee took Angkot 02. I guess this is Kevin’s First Angkot RIde.
it was a loooonggg ride, since there were so many “one way ” road in this city latter the angkot stopped not far from SMA !…ughh…we have to walk around 400 m.Kevin was sleeping.

Kezia feel irritated first since she only see the Deer from quite far…but LUcky For Us (again!)
there were 3 deers by The Fence.
I wonder how they get there, because right after the fence was a little river.

It was 12.30 pm, time to eat.
We decided to have lunch In Macaroni Panggang, we took Angkot 03 to taman Kencana, stopped right in front of the resto.
WE ordered (of course) Macaroni Panggang Special, and I ordered Sop Makaroni and Beef Omelet for the babies.
Dahlia ask for Jus Kacang Hijau, and Kezia asked for Strawbeery Juice.
They both taste great.
The store also sell LASAGNA GULUNG, TIRAMISU, STEAK, BLUDDER CAKE(tape and DUREN…oh em gee…)
but off course we don’t have extra space trying them all.
should be back there some day.

another 2 hour, we left MP heading for PiA Apple Pie in Jl. Pangrango
We had Cheese Crust and Strawberry Pie, I had Apple Bandrek, Dahlia had Hot Rum Coffee (taste like tiramisu) and susi had BAJIGUR.
An hour latter we left this PIA Apple PIe, and went back to station, I guess the babies tired already.
Oh No, it was raining, and I didn’t prepare the raincoat as well as the umbrella.
thanks GOd dahlia bring her rain coat, enough to cover Kevin’s head and susi brought her umbrella.
Since there were soooo many One way Road, we had another 15 minutes walked to the main street near Sempur and took any angkot that will get us to the station.

I wanted to take train direct to SERPONG it was 16.28 on schedule, but it isn’t operated on weekend.
So went back to Gambir, at the train I meeyt Titut and Mas Made, the participant from Woman ISsue on Pesta Blogger 2007 last October.

Well, anyway shortly after Azan Magrib we were home…at last.
A great little trip for us! thank susi dan day…:)

here for more pictures

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