not that boy

It was a thought that ‘anak jalanan’ is rude and impolite,
since their life is tough,
we often ignore their existence,

but not that boy,
I arrived early at the train station this morning,
i bought a-thousand rupiah-newspaper- to kill the time,
I pay with the money that left at my right pocket,
and walk away to the opposite peron.

a minute latter,
“bu, ini kembaliannya”
he gave me my nine thousand

I thought I gave him a thousand,
turned out I gave him a-ten-thousand
I didn’t notice it,
but he did,
and he gave the change back.

he must need the money badly,
if he doesn’t,
why he sell the newspapers before he goes to school?
but he did return the amount that he didn’t deserve.

I hope he can be a senator one day.

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