review : For One More day – Mitch Albom

The book is only 197 pp thick, but it took 2 weeks for me to finish the story, While waiting the KRL Sudimara – Palmerah and on the KRL itself.

From his two previous books, I found they’re so inspiring, it made the readers appreciate their life no matter how bad it is. So did this book.

It tells Charles Bonetto’s story, being an alcoholic, his life was a mess in his elderly, his wife left him and even his only daughter didn’t invited him to her wedding.
He decided to end his life, drinking while driving, then his car hit the truck.
He woke up not long after that, walk through the forest and there he is, in his hometown see his mother — who has been dead for years.

And then the story begins, he was so happy to see his mommy again, the woman who raise Robertas (his sister) and him, by her own will because the daddy suddenly dissapear, with no reason.
being a broken home kids was hard back in those year, probably because the word “divorce” still strange.

Charles and his late mom has deep conversation, singing about the pass, and while talking he accompanied his mom visiting his mom’s college.

Story about the pass was labeled with “Times my mother stood up for me”, “times I didn’t stand up for my mother” where Charles been so sorry for disappointed or lied to his mom.

But still. Possey benneto try to make her babies a normal kids, even the family being left out from community, never been invited to birthday party nor new year eve, since the women in his hometown worried that his mom (who’s still pretty) flirting to their husband..

Charles got baseball scholarships for the college, things that made POssey so excited, since none of the extend family had go to college. . yah, his dad really hard on him for this.

In college, the daddy suddenly called him, advice him to give up college and play in Minor league — things that his mom surely dislike about. For his dad, playing in minor league it’s the easy way to have money.

He follow his dad’s idea, give up college – drop his school – mess up in minor league – and ends up being pathetic sales man.
Somehow Possey still supporting any decision Charley made, even her heart cry.

Turns out, his conversation with his dead mother is his coma time shortly after the accident. There he has all the answer of the Benneto’s skeleton in the closet. .

Will charles get second change? Try to fix his messy life?

go get your self in nearest kinokuniya or periplus! *wink*


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