calling gita

I received text message in my Mobile Phone


12 – Aprl – 07 14:59

Make longer IDD call at local rate to 15 countries. Price only Rp 85/6 second until July 31,07.

Press 01016+country code+ Area Code +Telephone Number.

So, I called my college mate, Gita who lives in Singapore.


first attempt : she didn’t pick it up

second attempt : no response from host

I write her a message:

“it was me, trying an Indosat low fare promo”

“sorry, I thought the call from insurance agents”

then I gave another try

she pick it up

mind about our unnecessary-one-minute-and-half- conversation, but her voice was clear, as if she’s 100 meters away from me.

PS: I’m not an Indosat PR slash marketing, slash stuff like that.

Ye’ know, the promo sometimes wasn’t good as it was advertised.


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