meet the Johnson

Photobucket - Video and Image Hostingremember the American couple who gave me the Red Tommy Hilfiger purse?well, this is Kevin with them.Yep, they were here, and will be here until this Saturday, they already in Indonesia from last month but spent most of their time in Surabaya.

They only play a visit to Jakarta for 3 days, to spend sometime with the Firdaus.
So, last Tuesday my dad threw them a dinner invitation, and invite some of his friends who has studied in here. My dad was asigned to study there in early ’80, and I was coming. Both of them were working there.

Well, I haven’t seen him for about 12 years, they did visit Indonesia in 2000, but didn’t come to Jakarta. I was about 3 years old when I met them for the first time. I love to be in Om Bill’s lap(that’s what I called William Johnson) since he is so tall.:). I have plenty of pictures, the little me was swing by him. My dad planned to send me study abroad when I graduated form high school and stay in their house,but it was cancelled. belum rejeki gue kalee.:)

Anyway, we had a little talk before the other guests came. Talking about the old times. When we were there early 90, they already moved to Chandler, Arizona and work here. We stayed in their beautiful house with small pool and cute dogs, but the dogs already dead.

I was surprise when I knew tante Marilee (this is what I called her) has retired and spent most of her time traveling. And also in my surprise she doesn’t like her goverment as much as we (or I) do. Hahaha, we were talking about how the US Goverment’s (or Bush’ rule affect indonesian). Huh, ternyata Condoleeza Rice was almost nobody disana, secara penjagaan beliau extra ketat waktu di sini. Dasar orang Indonesia, mau aja dibulan-bulanin Amerika.;)
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Kezia a bit shy meeting them, probably she doesn’t used to have american people around (iyalah, jarang juga ada bule di Jakarta).
Anyway, before they I came here, I write them email since I want some Hard Rock Phoenix Merchandise to be my souvenir (gr banget yah, bakal dibeliin). I want either hat/mug/neckstrap and turned out tante marlee brought all of them.Hahaha, maruk banget gue. Thank you so much tante !
(I guess Phoenix only 20 minutes driving from chandler, I forgot!)

Then at around 8 the others guest arrived, the dinner itself finished at 10. My parents took them back to the hotel, and in the car they said :
We’ll See you all in my house“.

Ah, I drop dead said “AMIN”

Huh, kapan yah bisa ke US lagi??? hiks. Ayo donk, yah, minta transfer ke Houston.hihihi.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

PS : I have to write most of the post in English since om BIll said he oftens visit my blog but didn’t fully understand what was I saying since I use “bahasa gado-gado”. Ya iyalah, I forgot most of my english!

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