(again) 30 something

yang pernah baca posting sebelumnya – being 30 something. This might has a simillar topic.
On Oprah Winrey Show last saturday (broadcasted by Metro TV) topic was being 30 something for female all around the world. Interesting enough, at least for me.
Women who-is-30-anyway and live in Kuwait, spend their days by SHOPPING…yeah, Kuwait is a small,rich country. Dengan keadilan sosial bagi seluruh rakyat Indo eh Kuwait, even nikah pun di subsidi sebesar USD 12.000 (pengen jadi kuwait citizen neh…).
Women in Korea, by the age 30, mostly melakukan operasi palstik, untuk mengangkat mata sipitnya menjadi sedikit lebih lebar, because Asian woman eager to look like western female. (komentar oprah “they still look Asia to me”)
Women In brazil do exercise and sun bathing so they look exotic.
Women in Mexico, dress in sexy outfit.
Women in Malaysia (paling dekat sama Indo), do the Spa (a.k.a mijit which cost only RM 5-7 — samalah kalo mijit di Jakarta).
Womenin Cuba by the age 30, biasanya udah divorce 3 kali and melakukan
sekitar segitu juga, but the sad thing is, no matter what you do for living (dancer, model,doctor, lawyer), you only make money up to USD 23/month. Kesehatan ditanggung pemerintahnya sih….
yang touchy, women in Rwanda…they were consider lucky if still alive at the age 30!!!
Peseteruan di negara tersebut, 10 tahun y.l hanya menyisahkan kesedihan. 100 people were slaughtered every day!!!!! Jadi ingat ada DVD Hotel Rwanda yang belum gue tonton.

Terus, woman in Jakarta, khususnya gue mau ngapain nih di usia 30????

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